Jay-z Cheating with Multiple women Beyonce’ contemplating divorce?


Beyonce destroyed by Jay Z cheating

Been  a lot of talk about Jay-z and Beyonce having marital problems lately ever since the now  infamous fight between   Jay-z and his sister – in- law  Solange in the elevator of the standard hotel back on May 5th. This woman has now been pointed out as one of Jay-z jump offs .. Also according to Life&Style Beyonce is devastated and  has grown tired of Jay’s alleged affairs and reportedly her sister Solange is pushing her to divorce the rapper


Jay Z Cheating




My WORD: People say ” how could he cheat on her? she is Beyonce!!  MY grandmother once told me a long time ago, No matter how fine you are  there is a nigga somewhere   tired of your ass”  This does not surprise me  and I already told everyone in HOllywood land   there will be a big bombshell  dropped  after this “ON the Run”  tour is over



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