Dwight Howard Messin with 16 -year olds? Uh Oh

Dwight Howard Debbie


Everyone knows  I  am a Dwight Howard fan ON THE COURT!!  I don’t know Dwight Howard off the court neither do i care what he does  but if  this is true  I feel sorry for him.  Here is the drop 

Debbie an alleged High School er  only known right now to the world as Debbie  has went to Social media in attempt  to expose Dwight Howard for flying her and a friend out to Florida  to meet up with him. Check out the story and the alleged texts

http://hollywoodlife.com/2014/06/06/dwight-howard-texts-underage-girl/Click Here


MY WORD: I continue to say the same thing. I am not gonna accuse Dwight of anything yet until all  the facts come out but bottom line is 1 You can’t fuck with under aged children   no matter what sex they are, that just isn’t  sensible. 2 You athletes, rappers or whatever  got to be careful  man. You have everything to lose  and these side chicks aka groupies will put you out there  and you will have nothing!! Gotta be smarter than that man, but if you truly are  sexing under aged  girls? You deserve everything you get homie

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