Party Goer Recaps What She Saw Taken Place Between Jay-z and Solange& Beyonce



While the spin doctors aka The Pr Reps try to put out every story to detour you from the dirt that they are trying to kick under the rug, A party Goer who was in attendance recounts what happened at the Met Gala after party

This is a exclusive tweet from  Shannon Dolan  She is the niece of a  Sony executive. She reported  exactly what she saw and heard.


This is the deal This is something that took place at one of the after parties remember Solange has not really trust jay-zMay 1
since all that rihanna stuff was going on, Solange was telling Beyoncé “I saw him” i saw him” and was telling her about somebody and jay-z Now Heav I don’t want to say i heard everything I did not but it was definitely about a female because she said something like ” if you want to be a fool go ahead the word out is Jay has been questioned several times before especially about Rihanna who again was there at The Gala now a few people say that Beyoncé said something to him and jay kinda grabbed her arm but I did not see that so I’m not saying that Heavbut what I did see and here over the music was Solange saying i saw him i saw him you gonna continue to be a f..n fool?
If you also look at the video Solange was yelling at Beyoncé about something and all Beyoncé did was put her head down
I’m trying to ask some ppl who were closer but i was pretty close
But it was definitely defending Beyoncé that’s All i know heav I’m sorry– SI
ee more

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