Joseline Mad that Mimi beat her to the sex tape idea


joseline-hernandez-LAHH-sex-tape (1)

According to my sources  Joseline Hernandez  went off on Mimi Faust  when word hit the internet world that she was coming out with a sex tape because she was mad at Mimi. WHUT!!  yes Joseline was mad because allegedly her and Mimi’s baby daddy Stevie J has recorded several sex-tapes  dating back from as late as 2 years ago up until as early as last December. People tend to think that Joseline is sore and envious that Mimi beat her to the punch.  The source says ” Joseline was completely blind sinded she never thought in a million years especially after putting on that front that  she is a mother she would never stoop so low speech    that Mimi would put out a sex tape. Joseline and Stevie were calculating when to put the sex tape out, word has it they were going to fake a nasty break up and then have Joseline put the sex tape out  to expose Stevie  but in actuality giving Stevie more press and attention and pulling off  a major publicity stunt. Now that Mimi has done it  anything that comes out now  is going to seem like they are copying Mimi and Nikko when “their sex tape was recorded long before”




MY WORD: You slow you blow baby girl. Whoever came out with it first is who will be looked upon as who did it first. SORRRY 

4 thoughts on “Joseline Mad that Mimi beat her to the sex tape idea

  1. Lol right also is’nt Stevie J in the sex tape with Eve? My sista showed me a sextape of her and some dude (i cant remember if it was him) back in 06. No telling how old the sex tape was, but it was mos def Eve in it.

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