Did Prince Snatch Rita Ora from Jay-z?

prince rita-ora-music-villain


Rita Ora according to a lot of people in the business is set to put out what may be one of the best albums of 2014. She is rumored to have the likes of Gwen Stefani ,Calvin Harris and Macklemore on this album and of course PRINCE.  Now to the juicy stuff.  Sources tell me  that Prince put in a phone call to Rita Ora’s people saying he wanted to speak with and work with Rita after seeing her at an award show looking stunning. ” Prince admits he did not know who she was but then found out that Rita was signed under Jay’z’s Roc-Nation.  The source says that Prince spoke with Rita and flew her down to Paisley Park studios in Minneapolis  and she stayed there nearly 2 weeks.  From what we hear there is a lot more going on than music and Jay-z from what we hear is not too happy.   Developing…..



MY WORD: Since Beyonce stepped in and allegedly gave Jay- z ultimatums to either “stopped the extra marital affairs with his  “side pieces” Jay has had to give up Rihanna and now Rita  .. Jay wants to do something  but in order to keep his wife off his case he doesn’t want to step in when it comes to these women that Beyonce allegedly has found him to be cheating with

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