Exclusive!! Beyonce’ will be a bridesmaid at Kim Kardashian’s wedding


beyonce is apparently one of kim kardashians bridesmaids

word is out that after all the speculation and rumors about Beyonce and Jay-z not wanting to even attend Kanye and Kim Kardashian’s wedding  to ” they do not want to be filmed  to Beyonce does not want to be associated with Kim K  that Beyonce is not only going to  attend Kim and Kanye’s wedding but she will be a Bridesmaid..   Sources close to the Kardashian wedding planner  says that ” Jay-z is the best man  and no matter if he agrees to the way Kanye is exploiting his wedding Kanye is his little brother  and there is no way he will miss this day”   Beyonce is said to be on board with Being a Bridesmaid but is not to keen on signing a release form to be filmed for reality tv   



MY WORD: we will see what happens  I just can’t see Jay- missing the most important day of Kanye’s life     we will see

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