H.H Exclusive Was It Teyanna Taylor who accused Colin Kaepernik of Rape?


Teyana Taylor Colin Kaepernick Rape Victim


OK I would hate to think this story is true  bit i can’t let it pass by and take a chance of it being true  and us missing a huge story. Teyana Taylor Good Music artist was  allegedly last week spending time with  San Francisco 49ers qb  Colin Kaepernick in Miami , the woman said she hooked up with Kaepernik and even got undressed and woke up in  a hospital bed. A rape kit was then administered    


Back in November, reports of Colin Kaepernick dating Teyana Taylor began to spread. It appears that Teyana may not have been the only female Kaepernick has been connected to during their courtship. Don’t believe me.. Just ask Sanaa Lathan. “This guy is a total hoe,” a source said. “He meets women online just to smash and then he’s on to the next.” That may make Kaepernick — a single, 23-year-old NFL star — a cheater, but NOT a sex offender.
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MY WORD: This will be interesting to watch  I hope she did not get raped 

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