Beyonce Channels Marilyn (or Rihanna) For Out Magazine

Beyonce Out magazine

We all know Beyonce  have been watching Rihanna’s movement for a while  so this comes as no surprise to me

Beyoncé took time from her touring and living-life-fabulously schedule to pose for Out Magazine‘s May 2014 “Power” issue. In addition to talking about modern feminism and balancing the many aspects of her life, she also shows her classic side in a Marilyn Monre-esque cover.

As the 32-year-old’s first magazine cover of 2014, we find it interesting that she chose to do it for an LGBT publication– as a possible nod to her gay fans. We also find it interesting that it looks VERY similar to Rihanna’s November 2011 Vogue UK cover. Probably doesn’t help those rumors that she’s scared of losing her top spot…


MY WORD: As I stated Beyonce is very conscious of  what Rih is doing and what Rih is wearing  she has been  copying Rihanna’s swag for a while on the low

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