RAP Video Of The Day 50 cent ‘Hold On’ 5o is back!!!!



When 50 cent dropped the Hip Hop classic Get Rich Or Die Trying in 2003  it was playing out of every single car,Walkman,iPod and computer everywhere. When he dropped his next CD Massacre  the craze continued. Not since then have we seen a reaction to a 50 cent song that I am seeing and hearing after his latest joint ” Hold “. 50 basically takes it back to the essence of 50 cent  I’m tougher than you  I’m realer than you  I’m harder than you  and what you gonna do about it?  50 tells the story of what he used to do and how he came up from nothing. It’ gives you that late 90’s early 2000 feel as 50 just drops a hard beat  no gimmicks a few chicks  but mostly a video full of his hitters looking like  if you step within 50 feet of  their big homie  you are getting aired out.    50 is back  and hopefully New York is on its way

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