Gloria Govan Shoots down “Fake”Pic of her Kissing Another Man


Everytime Gloria and Matt are Good and out of peoples lives somebody wanna bring them back. As You know last week a picture leaked allegedly of Gloria Govan Kissing her Bodyguard   damn I thought  the ni***a was Suge Knight. Amyway  here is the Gorguz Glo  responding to it

Here’s what Gloria Govan had to say:

“I’m not gonna play into it. They want my attention. It’s not happening. Fake ass picture will be dead by the end of the week.”

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MY WORD:  I fucks with Gloria and I know people are telling me ” look at the angle and the tilt of her head she lying she did it”  I’m going to take Gloria’s word for it  if she said she didn’t  do it”  Stop hating on that fine ass women and her Husband


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