Sports,Lies&Videotapes Tonite is the night 7pm



Starting tonight and Every Saturday night on Dollhouse Radio at 7pm  Join the one and only Shock Jock Heaven Hollywood aka  ” The Closer”  and “The Comic” Adam D Parsons  for the premiere of their new Show Sports,Lies & Videotapes  An exclusive look into the world of Sports and Sports drama. If you are a die-hard sports fan that can never get through to the other radio stations because their line is always busy,  and when you get on after holding on for 30 minutes you get to talk  for 2 minutes? and if  you don’t agree with their point they cut you off and insult you?  well this is the show for you. Tune in Saturdays 7pm    to Dollhouse Radio  and you will not need another Sports talk radio all week. Vent on the Richard Sherman situation, The NFL championship games,The Knicks and Carmelo Anthony  should they trade him? should they fire Mike Woodson? Who will win the Super Bowl? and every thing going on in  the sports world  or if you like the drama and the gossip?  Let’s talk about Arian Foster’s baby mother situation, The Richard Sherman vs Justin Bieber comparison   James Harden paying groupies 20 k to have sex with him?  whatever you want to talk about  we got it covered …

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