Hot Off The Blok Celebrity Truths Jan 8 2014

Michelle Rodriguez Got Drunk, Made Out With A Model At The Knicks Game

Michelle Rodriguez gets drunk then makes out with Lesbian Model Cara Delevingne

Wow Just no shame  you are a famous movie star  come on  Click Here

An Earthquake is coming SNL adds 2 black writers to staff  Click Here

Drake trying to Holla on Instagram and got caught?          Click Here

58 yr old Kris Jenner flaunts sexy Bikini Pic                        Click Here   The 58-year-old Kardashian matriarch has no problem showing off her fab physique, just as much as her famous daughters.

Leonardo DiCaprio said he once what??   Click Here

Lindsay Lohan Nude pics                        Click Here

Someone paid 40k to have sex with this woman Click Here

Gabrielle now pregnant with Dwayne Wade’s baby?  Click Here

Chuck Smith Had sex with Tamar and T-Boz?    Click Here




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