Soap Star allegedly let go for sexual harassment? Don’t believe it



Before I report this  let me go on record and say  I don’t know Michael Muhney very well  but most of the women that worked with him never seemed to have a problem with him  that is why I found this story a little suspect. Tmz is reporting that Michael Muhney who was recently fired from Daytime Soap Young& The Restless   was fired for allegedly groping the breast of co-star  Hunter Kimg

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MY WORD: I have had Michael Muhney on my show and I have spoken to a lot of people who have worked with him and none of them other than King had a bad word to say about this man. Me personally I believe Muhney was outspoken about the way and direction his character was going and he is known to be outspoken and is not a “yes” Man for Jill Phelps  the current  head writer for Y&R who has been criticized heavily for her storylines since taken over, So until it is proven I am not taking this as truth. What do you think?

3 thoughts on “Soap Star allegedly let go for sexual harassment? Don’t believe it

  1. No i don’t think he did i think its a bunch of b.s .

  2. I’d like to know when did Hollywood become a Holy City and start firing actors for accusations from starlets with no proof the alleged event even took place? No police report and no witnesses? Did I miss the Second Coming that made Hollywood a chaste city where the casting couch was retired ?? I have doubts that he did it. No official statement from CBS other than saying that they don’t respond to RUMORS. So where is the proof? It’s a smear campaign designed to strip Muhney of his lead actor Emmy nomination orchestrated by jealous egos. What it really accomplishes is more hits on gossip sites and free publicity for the show. A win win situation for everyone except the two actors thrown under the bus.

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