Miley Disses Beyonce Sike! No she did not

Miley Cyrus Goes Off on Twitter Over Fake Beyonce Quotes

Miley disses Beyoncé? Not so fast  no she didn’t.

Miley Cyrus found herself in the middle of a scam from a magazine called Bosses. Perez Hilton of course was one of the first outlets reporting that Miley was hating on Beyoncé and of course she could not wait for the opportunity for his sweet fat ass  to take pot shots at Miley. Turn out it was bogus. Take a look at the original alleged quotes  then watch as Miley gets vindicated by the magazine

The Original Story

Miley Cyrus Believes She Is Next in Line to Replace Beyonce

Then Miley goes off on Perez Hilton and people who believed she said that

1. Miley Ray Cyrus

She then Goes off on Perez Hilton after someone tweeted that she should get an apology from him

2. Miley Ray Cyrus

Check out the rest of the tweets


2 hours after Miley says she will get a retractment she gets just that

Click Here


MY WORD: I am glad Miley got that Magazine to clear her name   I would have hated to have to draw some BeyHive blood  because you know all of the Mouse Pad mob called the BeyHive would have sent all there 13 year olds after my baby Miley, and you know Heaven Don’t play when it comes to Miley


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