2013 Music Charts Year end review #Numbersdontlie


2013 was a big year in music for a lot of artist. A lot of milestones were hit and a lot of records fell by the waste side.  Let’s check out  the year in review  in music  for 2013

Eminem’s Marshall Mathers LP2  was the top-selling Rap Album of 2013  (1.7 million copies 

Beyoncé’s visual album became the biggest selling album of 2103 by a female (in only 10 days)  1.7 million

The Monster became Rihanna’s 13th #1 single in the U.S only three other artist  have had 13 or more #1 singles since 1958 

Lorde becomes the Youngest artist in U.S digital history to sell a 4 million seller (Royals  16 years old)

Robin Thicke topped the 6 million mark in just 29 weeks faster than any other song in US digital History (Blurred Lines)

Katy Perry’s Roar reached the 4 million mark in its 17th week faster than any other song in US digital history

Roar became Katy Perry’s 7th song to sell 4 million downloads more than any other artist in U.S history

Diamonds became @Rihanna ‘s 11th 3 million seller more than any artist in U.S digital history ca23e-rihanna

Cruise By @FLAGALine feat @nelly became only the 2nd country song to sell 6 million downloads in US digital history (Taylor Swift Love Story)

@Rihanna becomes the 1st artist to tally 11 #1’s on the billboard Pop song  Charts with ‘ The Monster”

@Robinthicke scored the record for most audience impressions in U.S radio airplay history  228.9 million 

@Drake became just the 2nd solo artist to score 12 songs simultaneously on billboard hot 100 chart

@Mileycyrus became the 1st female artist to score five#1 albums on the billboard 200 before the age of 21

@justinbieber  became the 1st artist in US chart history to land five #1 albums  or EP’s while still in his teens



Most weeks  at #1  on the hot 100  

Blurred Lines  12,Royals 9 

Most chart hits on the Hot 100 in 2013

@Drake 20 @liltunechi 16 @justinbieber 14 @2chainz &@chrisbrown12 @S_C_ & @nickiminaj 10

Artist with the Most Hot 100  top 10 singles 

@drake 4  @brunomars @eminem @jtimberlake @maroon5 and @rihanna  all with 3




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