Kim Kardshian Mesmerizes with her Booty & Boobies

Kim is Back 

Kim Kardashian looks booty-ful in NYC!

Damn Kimmie Cakes is back

In the immortal words of the Animaniacs, “Hellooooo, NURSE!”

Kim Kardashian brought some major curvature to the streets of NYC last night in a cream Veronique Leroy mesh turtleneck top and skintight, ankle-length Donna Karan pencil skirt.

We can totes see your bra, Kim! Thanks!

The reality starlet sashay her way to dinner with young sis Kendall Jenner, and we dare say she stopped New York traffic in that get-up!

Watch out for some dangerous curves ahead, drivers! LOLz!

Kimmy added some fire to the neutral-toned look with gold Tom Ford sandals and a gilded Bottega Veneta clutch, but the real pop of color came courtesy of her bold burgundy lip.

We are impressed!

Perez Hilton



My WORD: Wow if Kim Kardashian isn’t one of of the 5 baddest females in Hollywood  please find me 5 hotter

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