TLC vs Pebbles who is right? Did Chili sleep with Pebbles Husband?

Pebbles Reid Negative Light

Early this week TLC T-Boz and Chili gave a very candid interview promoting their new bio-pic CrazySexyCool: The TLC Story and the cruel treatment they received from their former manager PerriPebblesReid [click here if you missed that]. ( Rhymes with Snitch). Now after Pebbles has threatened to sue TLC, T-Boz is not backing off her story… But what about all the stories that are starting to come out about Chili sleeping with Pebbles then husband producer La Reid..    check out Necole Bitchie  for the interview

Check out the story of rumors of Pebbles walking in on Chili busting it wide open  for La Reid

Chilli Smashing Pebbles Hubby?




MY Word:  I don’t know about all that  but All I know is I have heard stories about Pebbles jerking TLC.. Left Eye pointed that out when she was alive on Behind The Music” Why didn’t Pebbles come for Left Eye? Exactly  this fake preachers wife  lying.. Even if Chili did smash her husband  what does that have to do with you owing these girls money

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