Danity Kane is Back !! set to Appear at VMA’s Signing with Roc Nation or Young Money?

Danity Kane to reunite at the VMA’s and may sign with Roc Nation or Young Money

Danity Kane is back

So when they were spotted in the summer time  together  they were most definitely talking about a come back and now it’s official. Danity Kane is back. and yes they are still called Danity Kane (Dawn owns the name not Diddy) Aubrey,Shannon,Dawn and Aundrea (minus  D Woods  who says “She is too busy doing her own thing)  to come back. From The early looks of the promo pics looks as though they will be pushing Aubrey O Day as the lead. If they are not thinking this  they should. She is the most marketable she is arguably the best singer and she has a fake ass. Let’s keep it real  with all of the craze of white girls “twerking now” what would go over better than seeing a Whootie that actually has talent and actually has a booty twerking and singing on stage. No news yet on who or if anyone has signed DK to a deal  but I will be willing to bet they will not go unsigned like Day 26. DK had international appeal and to me they were on their way to being the American SPice Girls  if Sean “Puffy” Combs did not disband that group nearly 5 years ago..  Can’t you see Jay-z tweaking Diddy and signing DanityKane to Roc-nation? Jay-z has no Groups  signed to Roc Nation and i have heard rumors of Richard contacting Jay.  Let’s wait and see  but Wow! what big news that would be. Can Danity Kane still be the American version of the Spice Girls? well Maybe Diddy ruined that  but I believe they can recover they are still young enough and they are definitely talented enough and are ironically still very popular. That’s one thing that Puffy would not take From Danity Kane

Dawn Richard Danity Kane MTV Video Music Awards

MY WORD: I am hearing Roc Nation or a big deal with Sony   are in the works For DK   Another Sleeper to join the Bidding war is Young Money.. They already have international appeal with Nicki Minaj and Drake D.K would most definitely corner the market for YMCB      I am going to say  in the end  they go with Jay-z

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