Kris Jenner shuts down President Obama

Kris Jenner  Shuts Down Barack

Kris Jenner

Whoooo   Kris Jenner is no pushover. You are not going to sit there and talk about her kids (especially not her meal ticket Kim) without her coming to her defense. Kris sits down on her brand new talk show (another hustle) with Terrance J from E  and gives it to the President and you know what? SHE’S RIGHT  Take a listen and then meet me at the bottom  for my parting words playa

MY WORD: I’m sorry but K.K.J is right. Mr President im sure you have no problem with where your’re living and I will continue to say it. Keeping up with the Kardashians are a choice  if you don’t like them  Don’t watch  case closed

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