Nicki Minaj Topless on Instagram again! Is she The worlds sexiest woman?


Nicki Minaj Topless again

You Know I am not complaining and any man who complains about Nicki being topless? got his own worries.. Nicki was on Instagram showing her goods, them big ass titties.. Nicki has been taking a lot more pics over the last 2 months..   This leads me to a question that I feel at this point in time  is very worthy of asking. Is Nicki Minaj the sexiest woman alive?  I dunno I can’t make up her mind if I am going with her,Mila  Kunis or Kate Upton  but right now  I’m sorry Nicki with her skin-tight outfits,her topless pics, a body that kills,her sexy looks into the camera damn Nicki  I gotta say yes she is.. Take a look at some of Nicki’s recent most provocative picsNicki Minaj, instagram  Nicki Minaj, Topless Instagram


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