Sanaa Lathan, was in a Lesbian relationship with Regina Hall? and had Affair With Denzel?



Sanaa Lathan  Was In A Lesbian Relationship With Regina Hall? and Had Affair with Denzel Washington?

 Allegedly Those are the rumors floating around Heavy out cheyah in these skreets. is reporting that Not only did Sanaa have a relationship with Actress Regina Hall but she actually had an affair with Denzel Washington. An Affair that allegedly had Sanaa thinking that D.W was going to leave his wife for her. In the middle of all these rumors is Omar Epps and his Wife  and Oh My God check out the article and I will meet you back here for MY WORD


MY WORD:  I know for a fact that Denzel had sex with Sanaa ( and Eva Mendes  as well as others) I also know that Regina was in Love with Sanaa. I highly doubt that Omar Epps wife Keisha would allow Omar to have 3some’s with Sanaa Lathan  ( who he reportedly was head over heels for and dumped his wife (then girlfriend Keisha) for the first time.. It’s hard to trust anything that comes from Jacky Jasper so t as far as the 3somes and some of the other stuff I serious doubt. However I have heard from numerous people who Regina is a huge Pillow biter and carpet muncher


9 thoughts on “Sanaa Lathan, was in a Lesbian relationship with Regina Hall? and had Affair With Denzel?

  1. Regina is not gay you damn freaks. She and Sanaa has been friends since the making of Best Man 1. Get a freaking life and stop leeching and lying off others lives. Signed her sister-in-law.

    • of course you are going to come on here and defend her maybe you don’t know your sister in law very well cause she is as queer as a 4 dollar bill. Blessings

      • And you do know her better than I know her. You sound like a fool.

      • do u really think thats her sister-in-law cause regine is not in a relationship so how is she her sister-in-law

    • Well you may want to tell whomever wrote and published both regina halls and sanaa lathans wiki to delete their names from each others personal relationship section. Because it clearly states that among the men they dated Regina Hall is listed as Sanaa partner and vice versa. Because that’s how rumors get started especially if it isn’t true.

    • i think so too and am a big fan of regina can u tell her i said hi thanks

  2. Why are u going out with Regina halls yall th pretty for all that and u like d.w u soooo nasty and then tryed to take omar epps how stupid are u..

  3. i really dont think they a lesbians i think they just bffs and very close thats all

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