NY POST shits on Jay-z’s ‘Magna Carta’ and says he is Done

Jay-Z at a concert in 2006.  The Post Disses  Magna Carta


I haven’t seen such a buzz about a HipHop album since 50Cent Get Rich or Die Trying once Jay-z dropped his commercial  during the finals equipped with all your greatest Rap Producers minus Kanye West  but Now the NY Post who (surprisingly praised Yeezus) is  pretty much dissing Jay-z and his new piece and basically saying Jay-z’s best days are behind  him   Source

MY WORD: Everyone is entitled to their own opinion however I disagree  I think that MCHG was actually a breath of fresh air as Jay seemingly made a conscious effort to re-create that 90’s flow and that I loved. Why not attempt to re-create his most successful years

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