Paula Patton high and flirty at The B.E.T awards as Robin Thicke performs

Was I the only one who thought Robin Thicke's wife Paula Patton was outta control on stage?! Lol wow. #RobinThicke #BetAwards #Drunk #OutOfControl #PaulaPatton #JustSayin

Well we all have heard Robin Thicke say in previous interview that he loves drugs well maybe that will explain why his wife Paula Patton was running around like a female dog in heat last night at the BET awards. Paula was extra frisky with Tony Rock  during her pre award show interview and later that night while on stage Paula Seemed like she had “pop the molly she sweatin” Here are some of the pics and some of the reaction tweets  once Viacom makes this available we will have it for you

Here are the top 20 twitter reactions  to Paula Patton ‘s frisky behavior last night
MY WORD: From what I hear Robin was not very happy with his wife’s antics  but um wasn’t it Robin who said  ” they loves Drugs plus there has been rumors of Robin being back on that narcotic and even some talk of infidelity. Maybe this was Paula’s revenge

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