Exclusive: Why Kim Kardshian Had every right to go Off on Paparazzi

Kim Kardashian

Kim Kardashian Sighting In New York City - September 5, 2012

I wanted one on these haters  but maybe she is doing the right thing by not even responding to them.. I sat and wondered just the other night how does Kim Kardashian and Kanye West (more so Kim) feel? they sit down to watch some TV or go on the internet and all they see   as they approach what should be one of the most beautiful and special times in both of their lives are people  criticizing,insulting,disrespecting  their relationship their families their lives and them as individuals. Look I know when you are a  world known celebrity there are certain things  you sign up for, I also realize that when you Are Kim Kardashian and your entire life for the past 6 years have been lived on a reality show  that you pretty much invited this I GET IT! However  no one deserves to be threatened, no one deserves to be stalked, no one deserves to be living and moving in fear ESPECIALLY when they are about to bring a baby into the world.. I have met Kim on several occasions  she was always gracious, she was always considerate never blocked photos. One time covering her in Miami for the Super Bowl  her publicist and managers were saying ” No interviews” but Kim let us  film and interview her, so Kim is always gracious, But when  woman is pregnant you have to respect her mood swings, her insecurities and her wishes for privacy  and not wanting to be photographed and Money and fame have nothing to do with that. Today Kim went on a twitter rant  slamming Paparazzi  for making threats and stalking her    and people all over the internet world are asking Does she have a right to ask for privacy just because she doesn’t want to be photographed? MY answer is  yes she does.  Are you allowed to go around and threaten anyone else? Isn’t this what Killed Princess Diana?  Don’t we see them doing this to Justin Bieber and Chris  BrownKim Kardashian and Kanye West get slammed everyday on social media with outlandish rumors  like :Kanye dumps kim while pregnant” and Kanye is gay and sleeping with his designer and Kim wants to sell her child’s pictures against Kanye’s will   I get tired of it  so I know they do. I think Kim had every right to go off  I’m surprised it took this long.  Good for You Kimmy. Your almost there   I wish you a healthy and happy baby

Let Kim enjoy the last month of her pregnancy  and those Paparazzi  should be brought up on charges  for stalking  nd making threats on Kim’s life

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