The Real Reason Rocsi Diaz fainted at the Billboard awards

Rocsi Diaz Faints at 2013 Billboard Music Award 5

Former 106 and Park co-host and future MRS Heaven HOllywood Rocsi fainted on the Blue carpet  during the Billboard awards Pre Show.. She had just finished interviewing Pop sensation Miley Cyrus for E News when Rocsi collapse.. There has been a lot of speculation as of why The young Journalist collapse  from Dehydration  to Pregnancy rumors to Heat Stroke  because of her standing in 90 degree temperature for over 3 hrs  but I have the EXCLUSIVE as of the real reason  Rocsi Fainted.IF you look  in the right corner of the picture  there is ALLEGEDLY  yours truly  Heaven Hollywood with my camera  in one hand  and I had ALLEGEDLY pulled my  10 inch penis out of my pants  and was showing Rocsi, she got so flabbergasted   she couldn’t believe that  1 I was actually  exposing myself in front of her on national TV and 2 that it was so big   she fainted. Needless to say  I  ALLEGEDLY put my Johnson back in my pants  and scampered out of there into the  press room..

All Media Outlets are to credit HEAVENHOLLYWOOD.WORDPRESS.COM   for breaking this story  🙂

hit me up  for more intimate pics

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