EXCLUSIVE: Chris Brown big Party in Vegas will he announce his engagement to Karrueche?

I have a big exclusive. Chris Brown is having a party in Las Vegas at the Palms hotel  Sunday May 27th . As we all know Chris and Karrueche has pretty much made it known they are Once again seeing each other. I am getting WHISPERS FROM THE BLOK  that at this party Chris Brown is going to announce his engagement  to Karrueche.   Wow if this is true  this is  HUGE If so  I still wouldn’t put it past Chris to be still trying to make Rihanna jealous  but! the two have been looking closer than ever since reuniting. The other night Chris was singing  to Karrueche and playing with her hair at the Billboard After party

MY WORD: I don’t know if Chris is ready for engagement but my source is almost guaranteeing that this is what is going to take place at this party. Keep your eye on it  and remember  credit HEAVEN HOLLYWOOD.WORDPRESS.COM  WITH THE EXCLUSIVE  DROP

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