Exclusive: Why Kanye & Kim Kardashian should sue Over Gay story


If you have been around the blog sphere world over the last couple of days you have seen this story that allegedly was started by In-TOUCH.. They  are insinuating that Kanye West is indeed  Gay  and has been carrying on a relationship  on the down low behind Kim Kardashian and the entire worlds  back with designer Ricardo Tisci. Other outlets such as Mediatkeout and Bossip are co signing  this story.. It seems like ever since Kanye got Kim Kardashian pregnant ( a woman who everyone claims they  are so tired of seeing ) He has been under all sought of scrutiny for  everything from his clothes to his look to his music and live rants.  In touch has  made a living off of stories that do not check out and especially off of covering The Kardashians. I tried to contact the Kardashians attorney  because I feel as though this should stop ..  Kanye and Kim should sue this piece of garbage  tabloid for  defamation of character  these magazines have gotten away with this  for a long time. This also is not good for Kim’s Baby. The stress and  strain could cause problems for  her  and her child  and that is never good.  Look at what this trash mag is saying  Read Here



MY WORD: I don’t believe that Kanye is gay one bit and I am sick and tired of jealous people spreading rumorsKanye please  sue these bastards


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