Wale says he smashed Rih Rih then says his Twitter got hacked


O.K here we go again. The other day when Rihanna was on Instagram straight flexing as she was ranting over Chris Brown  she tweeted out a pic of her and Wale in the studio.. The entire Social media world went nuts with accusations. Now Wale reveals in A dm that he indeed  did smash Rihanna and disses Young Scooter (WHoooo?)      Then of course  once it gets put out there  what do you think Wale said?   Check out the Alleged DM”S

Of course  after the news  got around  Wale came back with the expected

MY WORD”  Listen! I am so tired of people using the line ” My twitter account  was hacked’ Like it is  so easy to hack a twitter account. Do you know how many different combinations there is  to a lock?  Stop it Wale   you probably sent the direct messages and then did not expect them to get out and then when Rihanna Navy started getting  on your ass  you came back with the old ” somebody hacked me” story   come on son  if you said it  own it

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