Shade! Money May’s Baby mama post pics of the two of them in bed. Miss Jackson responds


Josie Harris wants Miss Jackson to know that Her Boo Fiance Floyd Mayweather just can’t stay out of her bed

Over the past few  months  Floyd Mayweather Jr‘s baby mama Josie Harris  has been making notions that Floyd is still hittin that (yes she is the one that put him in jail over him laying hands on her) well I guess him laying peen on her is ok. Josie who has 3 kids for Floyd post these intimate pics of  Floyd and her. Check out what Josie posted on Instagram


Miss Jackson did respond to Floyd’s baby momma 





MY WORD: Both of these women are stupid  Josie isn’t this the dude that laid hands on you and you put in prison? So that means  you did that straight out of spite probably because he is with Miss Jackson and refuses to leave her     Miss Jackson as fine as you are  I dont know why you are sticking around  Oh yeah! I do know   THE MONEY   Just because Floyd Buys you  Bags and  expensive clothes doesn’t mean anything, that money is his coat check money. What you need to be worrying about is why is your dude back sleeping with the same woman that put him in jail.  Now for all the people saying Miss Jackson ain’t worried about Floyd’s baby mama  Don’t get it twisted   Josie Harris is no bumb busted bitch  she is bad her self and that b…H a dancer  i know she can f**k      Floyd? You the man  I thought Chris Brown was the man but Not Anymore

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