Is Beyonce pregnant again? Please God let it be true

Beyonce Knowles & Jay-Z Take Daughter Blue Ivy Carter Out To Lunch In Paris

A lot has been made of the gown the Beyoncé rocked at the Met Gala,People were speculating  before that she was indeed pregnant  with her second child now even more so!!! Now  Page Six  has joined in and  are also convinced that Bey is pregnant..  A lot of people say that Beyoncé looked gorgeous in the outfit but was clearly hiding a baby bump… If she is pregnant this will definitely put a hold on  her career  and usually after the 2nd child  people  usually hit the wall… Tell me what you think  is Bey preggos or not

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MY WORD:I hope she is pregnant  so she can take some more time off  So Rih RIh can keeep on Dominating

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