Mister Cee ” I’m Not Gay” really? Didn’t Wendy warn us in 2007[video]



So Mister Cee decided to take the address it  approach this time  and get it out-of-the-way. As you know he was arrested and charged Thursday night with allegedly trying to pick up a male prostitute which turned out to be an undercover police officer. This is now the 3rd time that Mister Cee  whose real name is Calvin Lebrun has been linked to such a crime the last time in 2011 when he was caught in his car  receiving oral sex from a tranvestite (in which he pled guilty) Well Mister Cee is still denying that he is Gay and  says he has never been involved with a man

MY WORD: Com on son’ 3 times ?  unlucky all 3 times?  Mister cee just come out dog    Didn’t wendy Williams  inform all of us  years ago that Mister cee  like them tranny’s Funny thing is  you can hear C Tha God back there  this is when he used to work for Wendy ” How ironic”

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