Erica Mena says ” She did not release Private pics of D.J Envy’ but She got some





Erica Mena is sick and tired of being blamed for D.J Envy’s indiscretions. Recently some private pics were released of D.J Envy and Envy as well as a lot of other Urban blog sites blamed Erica. Well Erica has come out and said that it was not her who released these pics but another chick that works at the same station as Envy that he lovingly calls “rich Bitch”      Check out what Ms Mena said

Envy doesn’t care about anyone not even his wife that’s no secret. Smh envy is so lying and becuz his close friends with bossip so they are trying to put it on me to save his weak ass. I fucking hate bossip they love to shit on me only because they are friends with him.” ~Erica Mena

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