Celebrity Gossip and Truths March 29th: Rihanna gets at Bey?Porscha says Pay up!Lil Wayne had how many seizures?

beyonce rihanna grammys 2013

Rihanna was names Britain’s most influential Pop Singer  and she let it be known on twitter and seemed to take shots at Beyonce

Check out what she tweeted this afternoon:

Screen Shot 2013-03-29 at 4.52.12 PM

As in Bowing down because she surely isn’t?  Rih Rih finished 1  ahead of Beyonce One Direction,Katy Perry and Justin Bieber
My Word;  TRUTH  without a doubt RIHANNA was indirectly directing this at King Bey as to say “that new record you have out? psss you wasn’t talking to me”  Hell she may have had a little shade for Katy Perry too
Porsha Stewart says ” pay up to her estranged husband Kordell who dropped a bomb on her on the internet  that he was leaving her (according to Porsha)  Now she wants him to pay up because according to Porsha she left her career and sold hr business  in order to take care of Kordell’s son which is not by her   Now even though Kordell has been on record as saying this was sought of a mutual decision  however WORD ON THE BLOK is  Kordell has sugar in his tank( this has been a rumor forever” and that his lover has giving him an ultimatum  either leave Porsha or he was going to the press
My Word:  I think it’s TRUTH  This is not the first time this rumor has come up  about this dude. Ask anyone in Pittsburgh
Eyewitnesses are now coming forth saying they saw Justin Bieber spit on the neighbor  and now the Sheriff is recommending  prosecution


The Civilized Justin    {Timberlake}  that is, is projected to sell close to One Million albums  in the first week
Lil Wayne’s ” I am not a human being ”  will sell close to 300 k
Son of Wrestling Great Ric Flair  dies at age 25
Lil Wayne reveals he is epileptic that is why he has seizures and he had 3 of them last week prior to being admitted      My Word:  Maybe he is but to me this is RUMORED.SO FUNNY SOON AS RICKY ROSS HAS A SEIZURE all of a sudden everybody got epilepsy. I never heard of this before
Kay Michelle  and Chad Ochoa cinco was flirting hard body on twitter last week  needless to say that didn’t end to pretty

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