Ray-J whoops some Gang Members ass and puts him in the hospital

Ray J

Ray J (Photo credit: Extra Medium)

The Winner and STILL Undefeated  with a record now of 2-0 from Carson City   Whoppin Willieeeeeeeeee Norrrrrrrrrwood

Ray-J proved once again that ” Ya’ll got him twisted”  as he whaled on a street gang member after getting into an altercation with a female at Club Nokia

The female was screaming that Ray-j called her a fat Bitch  and then she went and got  Indy rapper/gangsta  Bad Azz..  The woman later identified  as Suge Knights Niece Pauly  allegedly was taunting Ray-j saying ” you gone get your ass whooped now  these are “my Niggas”   well after Ray-j  basically told the chick that he knows everyone she knows   Bad Azz  took a swing at Ray-j   after that   it was over. Ray is seen throwing pulverizing rights to the face and head of  the thug. Later on Bad azz was taken to the Emergency room where he was treated for cuts to the eyes. He then told TMZ he did not get beat up  ” it was a draw he said”  LMAO YOUR EYES SAY DIFFERENT



Yall gonna get enough of playing with Ray-j  keep thinking something sweet  I heard Ray-J been   f….g niggas  up    Think I’m lying?  ask FABOLOUS

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