Hot Tea Wednesday: Khloe cheating with Game?Keyshia disses Beyonce Rihanna busted with drugs?

khloe kardashian maybe cheating on lamar odom with the game

Hot Tea for the 20th day of March   As we go all around the celebrity  world and dish all the TruthsKhloe Kardashian accused of  cheating on Lamar Odom with The Game?   Game later denied it and Im sorry  doesn’t sound like Khloe but this wouldn’t be the first time The Game smashed one of his home boys wifey’s ( see Matt Barnes)   Read this story here

Rihanna’s tour buses were stopped at the Border that separates Detroit and Windsor  Canada and authorities said that they smelled Marijuana coming from the bus. They them got out the sniff dogs and they found Weed on the bus. NO RIHANNA WAS NOT on any of the buses



So Bobby Brown has to turn himself into jail  after 3  DUI’s  but Lindsay Lohan has YET to see any jail time  Cough Race card   cough cough
Ap.9 Celebrates Coco’s Birthday   Seems like  Rapper Ap.9 is a little sore that Coco Stayed with her husband Ice-T    People had been whispering that Ap.9 was kinda falling  for Coco  and people around the Vegas scene co signed and said “they sure did not just seem like a one night stand  they seemed very into each other”   read Story Here
R Kelly has lost his Chicago Mansion to Foreclosure        God I sure hope R Kelly isn’t do that bad with all the money he has generated and pocketed… They say he lost his Mansion  that he spent 3.5 million dollars on  for only $925.000 Read The Story Here

Lil Wayne has been warned to stay away from Sizzurp and Mollie, it is said to be those 2 drugs combined that has been throwing him into multiple seizures..   Wayne better fall back Potna
Selena Gomez and Justin Bieber in 2011
Selena Gomez brags about  making Justin Bieber cry   .. Selena appeared on David Letterman and basically played The Biebs in front of the entire world
The Justin Bieber fans did not take to well  to the diss
Keyshia Cole did not love the new Beyonce song and she let it be known   Read Tweets Here

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