Exclusive: That was not Lil Wayne tweeting ” he was ok” IS TMZ RIGHT?



Moments after TMZ reported that Lil Wayne’s mother was on route to LA and would have all decisions in her hands about whether or Wayne would remain on Life Support or not  a tweet came from Lil Wayne’s twitter Account saying ” he was fine  thanks for the prayers”. Also Mack Maine  the Manager of Young Money said ” don’t believe all the stories of Life Support and tubes”    Well    we have been informed that those tweets did not come from Lil Wayne but they were allegedly  sent from Mack Maine  on orders from Baby  to keep this whole thing as hush hush as possible. The truth of the matter is  Lil Wayne is in serious condition  and The entire young money camp does not want to let that out.  I am hearing that a serious cocktail of drugs and alcohol sent him into this seizure..  TMZ is usually on point remember they were the only outlet that were reporting Michael Jackson as dead  so I just don’t believe this is something they would be so off base with  but if they were  then it’s because someone in Lil Wayne’s camp  told him that..  There has been no tweets from Wayne since and every single person  leaving that hospital does not look “upbeat”   If we start seeing Nicki Minaj and Wayne’s mom and children start showing up  I’m sorry  TMZ may be closer than we think with their original report



2 thoughts on “Exclusive: That was not Lil Wayne tweeting ” he was ok” IS TMZ RIGHT?

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