Rapper AP.9 Finally reveals the whole story behind his affair with Coco

AP.9 Releases Text And Pictures To Back Up Coco Affair Story

As much As i thought he was in the begginning its hard to think that Indepedent rapper AP.9 is lying about his alleged affair with Ice-t’s wife Coco Austin

Ap9 over the last few weeks has been reportedly shopping some xrated photos and a video of him and Coco having sex  to the highest bidder. Here is his interview explaining  what Happen leading up to the smash session.. He also released text messages in which Ice t alledgedly text  him asking for the pics

The fact that he is waiting so long  to release these pics  does not help him because nobody will care soon Hell some people  dont care now  but if he truly has pics and or a video put the damn thing out  show everybody  you were not lying  and move on..  This is not looking good for Coco. If this dude was lying wouldn’t Coco be out to sue him for Defamation?  She hasn’t yet  hmmm

Read Story Here


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