Kim Kardashian took advice from Bey and using Surrogate?

English: Kim Kardashian Fragrance Launch, Glen...

English: Kim Kardashian Fragrance Launch, Glendale, CA on February 22, 2011 – Photo by Glenn Francis of (Photo credit: Wikipedia)


You knew it would come  all of the Beyonce stans and Kim Kardashian haters  were going to hit me up and say “what about Kim Kardashian?  One day she has a stomach  the next day she doesn’t ” she is supposedly  5 months pregnant and she doesn’t have a stomach all the time. A source is saying that they believe that  Kim and Kanye  on the advice of Jay-z and Beyonce are going to use a Surrogate mother.Now of course there are people who still do not believe that Beyonce really carried Blue Ivy some of the same people are saying the same about Kim and the fact that Kanye has now come out and said” he won’t allow pregnant  nude pics “the best way for people to see you are really pregnant” people are really getting skeptical. ” how can someone who likes as much attention  as kim all of a sudden  not show pics of herself pregnant’ Said Jill from Los Angeles     sounds really suspicious to me   she said




I will admit I am one of the people who will never believe Beyonce was pregnant  however I do believe Kim is  and i would be truly disappointed If i was wrong




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