Exclusive: Erica Mena Involved with Dj Envy for 3 years? Until Envy’s wife Found out

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Remember about a Month ago Dj Envy The Breakfast Club Morning show D.J came on  air and was apologizing to his wife about “Taking her for granted” and not doing the things that a husband should do? Remember Envy sounded Like a man who was on the brink of losing his marriage? Well if this is true this probably explains why he was doing that.

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IFWT_Envy Erica
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IFWT_Envy Erica

Funkmaster Flex of Hot 97 New York and Long time rival of Power 105 in particular the Breakfast Club and D.J Envy  released an exclusive report yesterday  that Claims that Erica Mena from Love and HiP Hop had been sleeping with D.J for 3 years up until recently when D.j Envy’s wife Allegedly  Found out. Well here is the story   check it out below. If this story is true (which a lot of people in the industry have been saying this  for a while some even said the baby Erica is carrying was Envy’s)  Then this completely clears Erica from being a Homewrecker  and Even if she did know That Envy was married   She does not know Dj Envy’s wife  don’t check the chick  check the Playa

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