Draya from Basketball Wives a Call Girl?

Draya Michele Underwear

In the world of celebrities and entertainment  you hear Runors everyday  In the urban celebrity world you probably here rumors 3x’s a day

The Latest rumor is that  My baby Momma  Draya Michele is an escort “someone who exchanges sex for money as a form od a side hustle. Now at first

You know  I didn’t like this Anything  that involved the words Draya Michele and does not follow her name with  ” is smashing heaven Hollywood”  I don’t like .. But here is the claim ..  Check it out below

Click Here

I have been a fan of Draya ever since I saw the Black men’s photo shoot with he Bikini made out of Candy   I was hooked   I just have to say  IF this is true  I only have 2 words … MY TURN

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