Beyonce’s Doc : Now people relly think she faked it


Have you seen  Beyonce’s documentary “Life Is But A Dream”? Ok I’m sure Beyonce stans will say ” Any more questions”?  SInce Beyonce stood up in the Black and White shadows and showed an outline of her pregnant  belly … But we ask  Why bother  if you were not going to show yourself? Why bother?  The rumor has been that when she is out she was wearing a fake baby bump. Well in the dark you can’t tell whether she had that instant baby bump on or not  so that proves absolutely nothing. I am not denying  that Blue Ivy has Beyonce and Jay-z DNA all through her body   but I have stayed consistent in saying I never and will never believe she carried that baby until I see pregnant Demi Moore like pics or Video of having Blue Ivy.. And  A lot of people  who did not feel like that  before the documentary now feel that way.   READ


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