Who is this chick Hugged up with Lebron wearing his championship ring?

Who is this chick hugged up on Lebron? I know who it ain’t ,Savannah

Hmm If she is just a friend  she is allowed to wear your championship ring? To me it’s just like back in the day if you were rumored to be fuckin somebody all we needed to do is to see that person pull up driving your car or you driving theres and we would say ” Ok it’s true they are fuckin

This was reported by MediaFakeout so you never could tell  but umm Lebron’s fiance is in the islands with her girls(she skipped All Star Weekend?) and there have been rumors about Lebron and Savannah being broken up  now this?  We are trying to find out   if this is the chick name Slander(who used to mess with Kevin Durant) or is it some chick in Atl name Jazmine Shine or are they the same person   Developing…..

is this her






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