Love and HipHop Females big fight caught on video

Erica Ali aka Erica Mena is at it again. I gotta admit I did not like Erica at first because she came at my Imaginary Baby Mama Kimbella  but let’s be honest  Erica is the one keeping that show alive because she don’t give a fuck  and Men  tell me when you hear that Puerto Rican/Dominican/Cuban whatever she is  Accent come out  you don’t get turned on? Cause  I know when I heard her saying ” F..k All You    I was looking for the vaseline

The wannabe Kimbella  but majorly failing chick that Erica was fighting was allegedly some new rapper chick name  Tiffany Foxx  now of course Erica says she can’t really speak on it because it was filmed ( of course) but we just gotta watch how it plays out”   Btw Erica is now Allegedly Pregnant  but by Who?

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