Jay-z and Publicist Prompt Beyonce to take Picture with Rih

We all know Beyonce and Rihanna have never been,are not and never will be friends

We also know that Ring the Alarm was about Rihanna and Jay-z’s alleged affairs

We also know that Jay hired Rihanna’s publicist and I’m sure he prompt Beyonce to end all of the Rihanna/Beyonce so call rivalry

How many pics all this time you seen of Rihanna and B? and how many times they been in the same spot? plenty.. Also during Beyonce’s super bowl performance when it seemed like the entire world  was cheering and biggin up Beyonce  Rihanna was tweeting about her new album and never once mentioned anything about Beyonce..  They hate each other   Think I’m lying? ask Rihanna’s former publicist Jonathan Hay


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