Around the Celebrity World in 15 minutes All of Today’s Top Stories in Entertainment

..Karrueche tweets that  Rihanna ain’t shit   then  Rihanna allegedly has  someone call  her friend and threaten her

..ESPN College basketball Analyst  Jay Williams  is smashing   Sportsnation  host  Charissa Thompson, This is reportedly the third white chick  that Williams have smashed on the  Job    Think I’m lying? Ask Erin Andrews  she’ll tell you

…Nobody rapper A-9 now says  not only did he  smashed Ice-T’s wife but he did it raw”  He also said Ice t already knows about it because ice called him on the phone and he told him he and Coco Had sex

…Anybody know why these rumors of Justin Bieber hooking up with Rihanna when he was only  17 are starting to surface?

Kobe Bryant calls out Dwight Howard again   basically calls him  a wussy for not playing with his shoulder injury

Ryan Leslie said that he does have the Million dollars to pay the person  who found his laptop  that’s funny  I heard he has nowhere near that amount in the Bank and owes his record company money    Think I’m lying ask Cassie

Gay N-Sync Member  Lance Bass  told Chris Brown how would he like it if a gay person called you the N-WORD? it’s the same thing he said

Beyoncé wants unflattering pics on the internet removed   Beyoncé told Publicist remove them all or your fired. Apparently The attention queen didn’t like some of the poses that were captured of her during her Super Bowl performance and demanded that if her publicist valued her job she would have them removed   If you think I’m lying ask her Pr rep Yvette

Lindsay Lohan’s lips are looking swollen these days because she is giving herself lip injections ,people are saying Lindsay wants to attract the brothers  more and is interested in dating a certain Black actor who is in to women with  certain features hmmm  well Lindsay has been known to smash a rapper or 2  Think I’m lying ask 50cent




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