What did Slim Thug say he wants to do to Beyonce?


I expect this tweet to be deleted  followed by a  statement  saying” My account was hacked”  I would never disrespect  jay and Beyonce”  SMH


I give Slim credit takes balls to say this  but can’t say I disagree


“Still pissed I ain’t find Beyonce first and put a baby in her,” he wrote.

“This nigga @ASUCLILI had a song with her early and ain’t do s**t smh @iAmDelorean lived next door to her ain’t do s**t smh”

Beyonce and Slim Thug collaborated on the hit track ‘Check Up On It’ back in 2006 and the vocal rapper tweeted back in 2009 just what he’d like to do with Bey when he wrote:

“I’m glad the baddest chick in the game from htown,” he tweeted then. “I’m about to start jacking off where the lotion at,” followed by “Round 2 to Alicia, where’s my lotion.”


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