Kim sporting big Giant diamond ring

English: Kanye West at the Vanity Fair kickoff...



Let the Speculation begin AGAIN! OK first all of the blog sites were saying Kanye was going to spring an engagement ring on Kim for her birthday (sparked by the words of Ryan Seacrest) then everyone said that Kanye did not give Kim an engagement ring  now here it is after her birthday weekend has past Kim appears rocking a diamond ring on her pinky finger  that we have never seen before. Rumors are Kanye wants her to wear it on her Pinky finger  until Kim is officially divorced from that loser husband Kris Humphries, the other rumor is that Kim and Kanye are playing the media and the people like a fiddle, Kanye brought that for Kim and purposely told her  to wear it  and the third rumor is Kim bought it herself   to trick the people.. Whatever the case is  she definitely did not have it on before her birthday weekend.

Kanye do the smart thing  WIFE HER UP NOW


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