Did Kim get an engagement for her birthday?


People were interested in seeing what Kim Kardashian would get for her 32nd birthday  from  her beau Kanye West. Rumors had started whirling when Ryan Seacrest made a comment  saying” he would not be surprised if Kanye gave Kim an engagement ring on her bday”

Well we know Kanye whisked her off To Italy for a romantic Birthday getaway weekend we also know he showered her with expensive Dinner dates,shopping,roses and a great a list Party,,  Finally at the end of her birthday  he gave her…..

A beautiful juicy Chocolate Cake ..  Kim  was very surprised  she loved it   the couple gazed into each others eyes all night

I do Believe Kanye will give that engagement ring to Kim as soon  as that Loser Kris Humphries signs the divorce papers



English: Kim Kardashian attending Maxim's 10th...


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