Confirmed: Shaq and Hoopz are done! Shoopz comes to an end after ONeal Dumps her



When we heard all of the rumors a couple of Months ago  we kinds blew it off as ” OK here we go again” because we have heard the same rumors  numerous times before about these two  now it is confirmed

Over the weekend, Hoopz confirmed to ‘The Boston Globe‘ that she is no longer on the trail to becoming a Basketball Wife. She has split with Shaq just a few short weeks after she was spotted on the set of a new Adam Sandler movie with him. Over the past year, the two were also developing a show based on Hoopz suburban life, desire to become a health and fitness guru and relationship with Shaq.

I truly hope these 2 work it out  I actually thought the stunts these 2 pulled together were very cute and very unique. Tell me you have seen a couple in public    the things that Shaq and his pint size ex used to do


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