Kanye Goes after Pap after she ask Kim a question about Reggie Bush





Some people are just stupid and ask stupid questions knowing that they are dealing with a dude with a short fuse and who dislikes  paparazzi anyway. Kanye West was in Miami with his gorgeous girlfriend Kim Kardashian when some idiot Pap decides to ask Kim ” Did she know that Reggie was in Miami? When Kim ignored her  the woman then ask ” Do you want to congratulate him on his pregnancy? That is when Yeezy flipped

Kanye pushed the woman’s camera after she asked that question to Kim, Kanye never touched the woman and then him and KimYeezy escaped into a waiting Bentley. As they are sitting in the car you can see Kanye smiling and laughing about the incident. I am glad he was smart enough not to have touched this woman or her camera so that this woman can make a come up off of a law suit.  You here the woman apologizing saying ” Sorry Kanye it’s just my job”  WHAT JOB? YOUR A PAPARAZZI  NOT A REPORTER      She then apologizes to Kim and you hear Kanye tell the rest of the reporters “that woman was being disrespectful  so no pictures for her”  You can see during the end the woman trying to get fame by saying “Kanye West tried to beat me up’  Me! as she points the camera to her face to reveal who she is.   Please woman Kanye did not touch you. I’m so tired of these Paparazzi’s and groupies and haters trying to come up off these celebrities by tempting them to hit them or touch them so that they can fall down and sue them for millions   Please have a seat


One thought on “Kanye Goes after Pap after she ask Kim a question about Reggie Bush

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